Reuters :Gait Recognition Is Able to Identity People through A Person’s Walk


Other recognition technologies aim to fill the gaps where facial recognition is currently unable to identify people.

The government is also building a database of voice patterns to be able to identify people based on the way they talk.

Another method is through a person’s walk. Gait recognition technology is able to identity people at further distances, and doesn’t rely on a person not covering their face. This technology is being developed by Watrix, who say they have developed the most advanced commercially applicable recognition techniques in the world.

The company is currently cooperating on a small scale with local police forces to see how the technology can be implemented, the company’s CEO Huang Yongzhen, 34, said, adding that many other police forces were in contact with them.

An employee at the firm said the police force was currently testing the technology on prisoners. Like Xu, Huang deflected concerns about what his technology could do if misused.

“Before we had this technology, human skill was being relied upon to do these things, it’s just that with the technology it becomes more efficient… if you want to solve these concerns, the key doesn’t lie with the tech companies,” he said.

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